Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sample emails to invite someone to be a Minuteman Lobbyist

Below are a few sample emails you might send to people to encourage them to each be a Minuteman Lobbyist. You are welcome to use these as templates.

If your browser works with your mail client, then you can speed up the process by clicking on the “Mail This!” links, and just add the email addresses of your friends and family. Otherwise, bring up your mail client, copy in a template from below, and change to suit your tastes.

A low key emailMail This!

Many of us receive hundreds of emails a day demanding our attention. This low keyed email might be more successful:


Subject: Ways to influence our politicians

Here is a strategy for a fast and easy way to influence your representatives:

It only takes a minute to make a difference.

Silence gives consent.
-- Canon Law


A little more forcefulMail This!

Depending on who you are inviting to join you, this might be OK:


Subject: Please read about being a Minuteman Lobbyist

This post has a simple technique to help us be more involved in politics. Please read it:

Then please pass on the message.

Thank you.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes. [Who will police the police?]
-- Latin proverb


If you have a suggestion for another template, please leave a comment.

Set of basic links:

Call to Arms: Be a Minuteman Lobbyist
Reasons to be a Minuteman Lobbyist
Ways to support the Minuteman Lobbyist movement
Spread the word by using the Minuteman Lobbyist icons
Sample emails to invite people to join the movement
Suggestions on contacting your representatives

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