Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ways to invite people to be a Minuteman Lobbyist

Ask your friends, ask family, ask your neighbors, ask anyone you think might be willing to take a few minutes at least once a week. Send them a link to the main post on being a Minuteman Lobbyist.

1) Blog about it.

2) Use Reddit, Digg, Stumble It, Delicious and so on to spread the word.

3) Tweet about it.

4) Post on Facebook.

5) Make a video.

Paul Revere helped spread the word to bring the Minutemen into action. You can provide a similar service to asking others to be a Minuteman Lobbyist.

If you can think of other ways to spread the word, please add a comment.

Set of basic links:

Call to Arms: Be a Minuteman Lobbyist
Reasons to be a Minuteman Lobbyist
Ways to support the Minuteman Lobbyist movement
Spread the word by using the Minuteman Lobbyist icons
Sample emails to invite people to join the movement
Suggestions on contacting your representatives

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