Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reasons to be a Minuteman Lobbyist

Here are a few reasons to be a Minuteman Lobbyist:

1) Duty. As citizens of this country we should be involved.

2) Maybe make a big difference. Fairly often votes in Congress will be close. It is possible that a few people will push a couple key congressman one way to make the deciding votes.

3) Become better educated. By spending a little more time reading the news and writing about it, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what is going on in our country.

4) Have fun. Several times our congressman has called to follow up on our emails. My fifteen-year-old daughter was excited for days when a Congressman’s aid called and my daughter was able to explain part of the Constitution to the aide.

5) Have a creative outlet. Writing your representatives can be a forum for your creative juices.

6) Make it a social activity. You can get together with several friends and neighbors to coordinate your weekly emails.

7) Less guilt. By doing something positive you won’t feel guilty about not being involved.

8) Good example to your children. As you write and call your congressman, your children will see what you are doing and follow your example.

9) Education for your children. Include your children. Have them write or call. My older two daughters have been writing for a couple months now and they now read the front section of the paper so they can follow the issues.

10) Be useful. It is easy to be distracted by the myriad ways to be entertained today. The average American watches six and seven hours of TV a day. It is easy in our society merely go through life. Be a Minuteman Lobbyist and do something useful.

11) Small efforts add up. Ten minutes a day, five days a week, comes to more than forty hours a year.

12) You can’t ignore the government. The government is taking over more and more of our life. A hundred years ago the Federal government was a small fraction with a miniscule budget. Now we are subjected to 27,000 pages of laws, and the budget has grown to 3.5 trillion dollars.

If you have other reasons to be a Minuteman Lobbyists, please add a comment.

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